Coding dynamic dashboard applications (with R & Shiny)

This page contains teaching material for a course on dynamic dashboards.


The links below lead to html slides and course material.

  1. Introduction to R/RStudio and the tidyverse (tidying with tidyr, wrangling with dplyr): slides and sample notebook in RMarkdown or in html

  2. Basic R instructions (matrices, dataframes, indexing, data modes): slides, sample notebook and exercise notebook

  3. Plots (ggplot, gganimate, plotly): slides and exercises

  4. Shiny 1 (User Interface & Server dialog): slides and exercises. More importantly: the examples.

  5. Shiny 2 (User Interface layout): slides and exercises. More importantly: the examples.

  6. Shiny 3 (Further options & deployment): slides and more importantly: the examples.

  7. Geocomputing, Twitter data & simple text mining: notebook for maps and notebook for Twitter text analysis + all files for the maps.

  8. Modelling & case study: all files (zipped).


The datasets used in the course: songs, movies and olympics. Don’t forget to locate them in the app/notebook directory.


Mastering shiny: Hadley Wickham’s book.

Shiny tutorials: efficient material (by RStudio).

Shiny dashboard: the package’s webpage.

DISCLAIMER: the data and code are meant for pedagogical use only.