Where we stopped last time

What you know now

The tidyverse (and a few base R functions) essentially…

These will be key ingredients in shiny apps!

About shiny

  • Shiny is an amazing package created by HTML/JavaScript blackbelts & heavyweight champions (Winston Chang & Joe Cheng notably)
  • It aims at creating dynamic applications directly from RStudio
  • It has many extensions and related libraries and formats, such as flexdashboard, shinythemes, etc.
  • We will proceed in two stages (with each decomposed in several steps):
    1. build the app in RStudio (99% of the work)
    2. deploy the app on the web (1% of the work)
  • Shiny is very flexible, it is has tons of options. To ease the learning experience, we will work with a simplified framework: shinydashboard!

example: https://positiveresidual.com/shiny/nba/


Alternatives: flexdashboard (if you’re curious)

In Python:


Schematic view

Output material

Any combination of:

  • simple numbers, highlighted figures (aggregate statistics)
  • tables (e.g., raw data or pivot tables)
  • graphs, plots (ggplot is the limit… is it?)
  • maps (e.g., via the leaflet package - not covered here!)
  • text (!)

\(\rightarrow\) usually produced by the tidyverse or extensions! (DT, plotly, etc.)

In terms of code / organization

This slide is very important. Refer to it whenever need be.